Own A Piece Of American History – The Trumpy Bear! (VIDEO)

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The Trump presidency came as a surprise to many. It was a shock that many people are still coming to terms with. On the other hand there are those who voted for him and who continue to support him. For those people, may I introduce to you the official Trumpy Bear!

That’s right for just two easy payments of $19.95 you receive a 22 inch Trump lookalike bear – with the life-like blonde comb-over wearing a red neck tie. Not only that, it comes with a cozy flag themed blanket (there is a secret zipper in the bear) and a certificate of authentication.

It is hard to take this seriously, but the ad is for real. Whether people who want to buy the bear genuinely like Donald Trump, well that is another question.

President Donald Trump has a very low approval rating. He is struggling to stop leaks springing from the White House and battling to get his policy through. He is a president unlike any before him. He is the first president ever to have had no political or military experience prior to election, instead he came from the world of business. He was also a reality star. Trump has a fragile ego, which he often displays through impulsive tweeting.

So somebody thought why not make a stuffed bear based on this man?

TV Stuff Reviews has reviewed the Trumpy Bear and pointed out some negative uses the bear might be put to:

Could Offend Trump Supporters
Some people who support President Trump may think carrying the bear is a good way to show their support for him and his party. However, others may be offended that a stuffed toy has been made to resemble him.

May be Used as Protest Device
On the other hand, people who don’t support Trump might use this bear as part of their protests, ripping it apart or defacing it and making a mess in the process.

It is hard to imagine Trump would dislike anything that is modeled on his own image. By suggesting the bear may be used in protest, this line has probably driven sales of the bear up ten fold.

So there it is – the Trumpy Bear – for those who adore the president and those who want to protest him, the Trumpy Bear just keeps on giving to everyone.

A piece of history.



Featured image via YouTube.

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