Sky Clouds Create Bizarrely Vivid And Ominous Sign (VIDEO)

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A game we often played as children was to lie on our backs and examine the clouds. It was easy to find basic shapes. Sometimes we would see a face, an apple, or maybe even something like a rabbit. Well last week, some people in Indianapolis were lucky enough to capture an incredible image in the clouds. According to the YouTube clip, they were driving along 70 East & Holt Road, when they noticed the peculiar scene in the sky. It was not just a shape, it appeared to be a number of profiles and a man pointing a rifle.

The frightening thing about it, was how real it looked. It could have easily been a painting. Even more frightening is the timing. The world is on the brink of war. There are a number of hot spots currently in North Korea, Russia, and Syria. President Donald Trump is happily playing a game of Nuclear chicken with the unpredicatable North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Sanctions have just been passed against Russia and an attempt at peace in Syria is fragile to say the least.

Are these clouds in the sky trying to tell us something? Anyone who lived through the world wars will tell you to avoid conflict at all costs. The damage done by war is huge, both physically and psychologically. We are often told by media that we have no choice but to go to war – this is nonsense.

In the age of nuclear weapons, a world war would have no winner. It feels very much like the Cold war of the 1980s has returned. We should have learned this lesson by now. There are no winners in war, only loser and losses. Diplomatic solutions to conflicts should be seen as the only path. These clouds are a stark reminder that war and violence could be coming our way. It would be great if we could heed the warning and seek out peaceful resolutions, ones that do not involve guns.



Featured image from YouTube video.

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