AL Animal Shelter To Pipe Music In To Soothe Animals

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An animal shelter in my hometown of Huntsville, AL, is piping in music to help soothe the animals.

This week, they began testing a sound system to pipe in music to the animals’ cages. Will Roberson with Huntsville Animal Services says the idea came from the community. He says:

“This is a concept that came from a great group of volunteers who read some articles and studies on the calming effect of the music in the shelter environment.”

“The city didn’t pay for any of the sound system. It was all donated and a local sound company donated the time and expertise to get this installed for us.”

Several studies show that music can soothe animals. The playlists will include soft rock during the day and classical music at night.

Researchers in one study found:

“These results are consistent with human studies, which have suggested that music can reduce agitation, promote sleep, improve mood, and lower stress and anxiety.”

They looked at the behavior of 117 dogs with different types of music playing, as well as how they behaved when no music was playing. Another study found that cats don’t necessarily care about human music; however, scientists have been able to create music that they can enjoy.

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