Naked Chicago Man Charges Officers After Cutting Himself In A Shocking Place

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On Monday, a man in Chicago cut off his own penis and ran around naked at police officers. The footage showed up online showing the man naked and bleeding and shouting at residents in the neighborhood.

He charged at a female police officer. The person filming can be heard yelling “Calm down!”

The video ends with the man on the ground surrounded by officers after being tasered.

Eriz Gonzalez, a witness who was trapped in one of the Chicago gardens, said:

“I went to visit my boy after work, and when I parked up I seen (naked guy still clothed) rolling around in the middle of the street. People were around him and he started cussing them out and pushing them. They left, and he stripped butt a** naked in the middle of the street. I left my car and chilled with my boy outside to see what’s going on.”

This was also across the street from an elementary school. So, some kids probably saw it as well.

The man has been taken to a nearby hospital with “minor” injuries. If you can call losing his junk “minor.”

A statement from the Chicago police said:

“Officers attempted to calm the individual with negative results and were ultimately forced to deploy tasers and dry stun techniques to secure the man.”

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