Hilarious! Mom Shares Pic Of Toy Car With What Son Thought Were ‘Batteries’ (IMAGES)

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Many parents understand that children see the world in a very different way. They are still learning, they are making connections, assumptions, sometimes they are right and sometimes they get it wrong.

In this case, an Australian mother Heather Leroux, has shared a hilarious photo to a Facebook group. Although that group photo is private, she shared the same photo to Instagram as well.

The photo shows a picture of a toycar accompanied by this line:

My son just found the ‘batteries’ in my makeup bag.

Hows your morning going? ?

The photo says it all:


The photo clearly shows a toy car with tampons in place of batteries – amazingly they fit. Her son certainly shows initiative, looking through her bag and finding these items that appeared to be batteries and then carefully putting them in place.

From the comments on the page, this is not the only mother who has had funny and embarrassing encounters with their small children and ‘adult’ items. One fellow mother Natalie wrote:

I got handed a tampon the other day from my three year old ‘here’s the thing for your butt.’ [sic]

Angela also commented with an anecdote about explaining women’s issue with sons. She wrote:

Lol. My 10 yr old DS asked me what a pad was when he saw a tv ad. I explained and after an incredulous ‘does that happen to you mum, every month?!!’ he then said ‘ok. Stop talking now,’ over and over until I stopped! [sic]

Chantel shared her anecdote; she had told her son on inquiry that her tampons were earrings, then she wrote:

…He went through my gym bag one day while he was in crèche and showed all of the other kids my “earrings!

It appears that discussing these things with small children is a common and awkward topic among mothers.

The post attracted a lot of laughs and admiration for the boy’s innovation. Sometimes children are just too young to understand adult concepts and so they make up their own meanings and connections. Then perhaps when they are old enough, they just don’t want to know about it, especially not from mom.

Featured image via Pixabay.


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