Scientists Think Something Is Under The Moon’s Surface… And Its Not Cheese (VIDEO)

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Scientists have made a discovery about what is likely to be under the surface on the moon and it is fascinating. The lunar research has shown that there are probably water reservoirs inside that beautiful sphere, and most likely containing a lot of water. The theory is that either water or ice impacted the moon before its formation, and scientists believe there is water in it’s mantle.

Ralph Milliken of Brown University told Space that the water discovery comes from the recent study of volcanic deposits/glass beads found on the surface of the moon, he said:

“We observe the water in deposits that are at the surface today, but these deposits are the result of magma that originally comes from deep within the lunar interior. Therefore, because the products of the magma have water, the deep interior of the moon must also contain water.”

Our work shows that nearly all of the large pyroclastic deposits also contain water, so this seems to be a common characteristic of magmas that come from the deep lunar interior. That is, most of the mantle of the moon may be ‘wet.’

Pyroclastic deposits are the leftovers of two separate volcanic events. Leftover ash, lapilli debris, and rocks ejected during volcanic eruptions combined with volcanic gasses and pumice create what is called a pyroclastic flow. This flow explodes out of the volcano, and bowls over and buries everything in its path, moving at about 300 miles per hour before the lava starts flowing. Pyroclastic deposits are the hardened, sometimes fossilized remains of this flow.

How Did The Water Get There?

This is still a mystery, but there are many theories. One theory is that the moon was formed after a huge impact with the Earth. Amazingly the Earth was put on a tilted axis which gave our planet seasons and allowed the evolution of life to occur. A happy accident.

Their theory for the moon, however, is that although the impact created so much energy and heat that it was at first dry, it may have been hit by an ice comet or asteroid while it was forming. This could mean that water then became part of the moon’s interior. It is a great discovery.

The implications of the moon having water are positive ones. This water could be used in the future by space travelers and it will of course expand our knowledge of space and our solar system.


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