Why Do We Speak So Many Languages?

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People currently speak over 7,000 languages around the globe. It’s astonishing watching people who can speak multiple languages switch seamlessly between them when conversing with people.

These languages are not spread out evenly across the globe. There are more languages in the tropical regions than in other regions of the planet.

The tropical island of New Guinea is home to over 900 indigenous languages. Russia, which is 20 times larger, has over 105 languages.

We have very few answers for why we all communicate differently. They hypothesize different reasons such as culture, history, and diversity.

Some studies have shown the people living at lower latitudes speak more languages than those that live at higher latitudes.

Salon reported:

The ConversationLanguage diversity has played a key role in shaping the interactions of human groups and the history of our species, and yet we know surprisingly little about the factors shaping this diversity. We hope other scientists will become as fascinated by the geography of language diversity as our research group is and join us in the search for understanding why humans speak so many languages.”

Many statistical models have been used to try and figure out why these diverse languages sprung up over the years. It’s an interesting thing to study.

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