Top 10 Obscure Words For Everyday Feelings

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We all have these feels, and we may not always know the names for them. Here are words for a few of those:

1. Crapulence

This is for when hangover just won’t cut it. Crapulence is the feeling of sickness after excessive eating or drinking.

2. Huckmuck

This is the feeling of confusion that results from things not being in their right place.

3. Fat-sorrow

This is a feeling of sorrow eliminated by material things.

4. Lonesome-fret

This is a feeling of “ennui from loneliness.”

5. Misslieness

This is a feeling of solitariness that comes from missing someone or something you love.

6. Gwenders

That feeling you get in your fingers when they’re cold.

7. Deja-visite

This is the feeling of knowing your way around a place you’ve never been before.

8. Alysm

Alysm is the feeling of restlessness or frustrated boredom that comes from being unwell.

9. Horror Vacui

This is the dislike some people feel from having an empty space somewhere.

10. Nikhedonia

This is that feeling that you’re going to win when you are playing a game.

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