Having Coffee In Bed Is Rewarding On A Whole Different Level

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This company makes coffee-infused bed sheets. This Australian-based company, Ettitude, makes sheets with bamboo yarn and coffee yarn. The colors even have fun names like strawberry frappe, mocha, and latte.

The sheets use recycled coffee grounds that would’ve been thrown away otherwise. The coffee grounds wick away moisture and eliminate odors better than most cotton ones. The only drawback is that they don’t smell like coffee.

So, how do they get coffee in these sheets? Well, first they brew and roast the coffee at 220 degrees Celsius. The grounds are then combined with yarn, and then they are woven together with bamboo yarn to create a unique fabric.

The company website says:

“When sweat and odor pass through the fabric, it is absorbed into the micropores of the coffee yarn fibers, virtually eliminating it, allowing you to stay fresh all night and your sheets to remain cleaner for longer.” 

The company’s Kickstarter campaign has already met its fundraising goal. You can get a set for yourself for around $94, and orders will ship starting November 2017.

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