Hate Group Compares Chelsea Manning’s Surgery To Multi-Billion Dollar F-35 Failure (VIDEO)

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The Family Research Council (FRC) has decided on a mean campaign, which compares the military tax dollars spent on Chelsea Manning’s transition with the cost of the F-35 program. What an interesting comparison when you look at each case.

The F-35 fighter jet program has been a ridiculously expensive disaster.

In June this year it was revealed that the multi-billion dollar scheme had led to the fleet being grounded due to pilots suffocating while flying. The National Review has called the program “irredeemable.”

Let’s Look At Military Spending

While we battle it out to just have everyone in the richest country in the world provided with decent health care, military spending seems to have no bounds, and nobody questions it.

Why is a multi-billion dollar project not even challenged?

The cost of this project is one that continues in exponential growth. At the moment it is costing over $400 billion dollars. Why is spending on education and health challenged constantly, while this spending goes unchecked?


Now let’s look at Chelsea Manning. She saw something that was not right and she exposed it. She is a whistleblower and she was born in the wrong body. Manning served years of imprisonment and torture, at the hands of the U.S. government for revealing several injustices to Wikileaks.

Manning served this country. She deserves to be looked after.

The approximate cost of reassignment surgery is less than $20 000. Let’s not forget that many who enter the armed services suffer mental anguish and disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and these are also costly.

Showing she has a thick skin, Manning posted an article about the comparison on Twitter:

If the Family Research Council really cared about families, they would nurture people who feel different. They would embrace differences and be loving to those who are born into a body that does not match their true identity.

They would not support multi-billion dollar, failing military projects that take precious tax dollars away from the needy. The U.S. spends ridiculous amounts on military, way more than many other countries put together. This meme from the FRC shows just how upside down their priorities truly are.

Where is the peace movement?

In the age of nuclear weapons, we need to be doing everything we can to deescalate tensions – with everyone. We should have learned this lesson by now.


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