Phony Land Rover Crashes Into Real Thing In Bizarre Accident (DETAILS/IMAGES)

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It’s no secret that when it comes to accusations of copyright infringement, Chinese corporations are usually frequent offenders. This is especially apparent in the automotive industry, where Chinese offerings are often styled to be nearly identical to their conventional counterparts.

However, a rare meeting between the real deal and its plagiarized cousin materialized via a bizarre accident.

The accident in question took place in the city of Chongqing; it involved the British Land Rover, Range Rover Evoque, and its infamous phony counterpart the Chinese Landwind X7. As a bonus, both vehicles had a similar shade of red, and both suffered only minor body damage in the smashup.

Image By IT Home Via Carscoops
Image By IT Home Via Carscoops

Local police are placing blame on the driver of the Landwind for causing the incident, but, thankfully, neither driver was hurt in the accident.

The Landwind’s uncanny resemblance to the British Evoque has not been ignored by parent company JLR, with the firm suing the firm that built the Chinese Landwind repeatedly in court for copyright infringement.

Image By IT Home Via Carscoops
Image By IT Home via Carscoops

However, JLR’s efforts in Chinese courts have so far been in vain, with a judge actually cancelling design copyrights for both the Land Rover and the Landwind in a recent ruling, claiming that both entries were “invalid.”

While the two firms will undoubtedly slug it out in court once again in the near future, the odds of this happening are very slim, so hopefully both drivers used the opportunity to snag a lottery ticket afterwards.

Featured Image By Sarah Larson Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-By-2.0.

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