Worldwide Phenomenon Of Mysterious Rings Appearing In The Sky! (VIDEO)

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Strange black smoke rings have been appearing in the sky the world over, causing quite a stir. There have been rings spotted in Russia, England, the U.S. and they continue popping up is various places. The sightings have created a lot of theories about what they could possibly be.

A popular idea online is that these black rings are UFO portals and that they could be a sign the world is about to finally meet our intergalactic neighbors. According to The Sun they are being called “smoke vortexes.” This is the stuff that UFO hunters’ dreams are made of. UK witness Kimberly Robertson was driving along the M62 in Yorkshire, Northern England, with her boyfriend last Sunday when she noticed the odd shape in the sky. She has said it was:

…The weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Me and my boyfriend were driving today and noticed a black flying ring in the sky.It looked a bit smokey but the shape was a solid ring. We hadn’t ever seen anything like this before do we have looked into it and no one knows what it is.

However this particular mystery appears to have been explained by UFO expert and author Nigel Watson who according to the Daily Mail online said:

Smoke rings in the sky like this one look very spooky and unusual.

He then added (Here comes the disappointing bit):

In this case it isn’t an extraterrestrial spacecraft from planet Zog sent by evil aliens, but the byproduct of cannon fire of a battle reenactment at the nearby Yorkshire Wartime Event.

Nick Pope who has worked investigating UFO claims in the past, has also poured cold water on the UFO theories. He said:

A so-called smoke vortex can arise when you have a blast through a circular structure like a smokestack. So these weird effects can be caused by accident – or indeed by design. On this latter point, they can be created as a sort of pyrotechnic effect, and it would be interesting to know if there were any outdoor festivals being held in the area concerned.

While the English mystery has perhaps been explained, there are plenty of other sightings of these black rings around the world that are also creating frenzied curiosity about what they could be.

Keep your eyes opened – the truth is out there!



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