Meet The Dinosaurs Called ‘Chickens From Hell’ And Be Amazed At Their Mothering Skills

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Dinosaurs have long fascinated many people and while we used to think of them as giant reptiles, science is showing us more and more that they were much more diverse.

Meet the Oviraptorosaur, an ancient bird-like creature. Ranging from the size of a modern chicken to the size of a small elephant, these animals would have been a sight to behold. Live science has described the giant bird-like creature as similar to the Australian Cassowary still found in some rainforest areas.

It is said that some versions of the Oviraptorosaur had giant, parrot-like beaks, with a hard crest on their heads. Some were also said to be brightly colored. Investigation of fossils have found sea creatures and other small animals in their stomachs.

It Is Also Thought That The Oviraptorosaur Was Quite A Parent

The latest fascinating study into these amazing, now extinct creatures, shows they most likely kept their eggs warm and that they were warm blooded – like birds, rather than reptiles. Due to their sometimes enormous size, it is thought that if they were too big to sit on the eggs, they may have buried them instead.

Chickens of course sit on their eggs until they hatch, but for fear of breaking them, these ancient ‘chickens from hell’ had to look at other options. Then because this may have provided a tempting food treat for other dinosaurs and predators of the day, the mommy Oviraptorosaurs are believed to have gone into mama bear mode – with the belief that many probably died protecting their young.

The funny thing is Oviraptorosaur means ‘egg thief’ and yet they most likely spent their parenting lives fighting potential egg thieves away.

Although this creature seems to have a lot in common with a modern bird or chicken, the scientific opinion is they shared a common ancestor, much like humans and monkeys and apes. These ancient beings are also believed to have outlived their fellow dinosaurs.

Assistant curator of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History describes the creatures like this:

They are as close as you can get to being a bird without actually being a bird.

Watch TYT discuss the discovery of the giant ancient bird-like creature:


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