Will Dumbledore Be Gay In The Sequel To Fantastic Beasts? (VIDEO)

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Some characters have been revealed for the upcoming Warner Brothers film Fantastic Beats 2 causing great speculation. It has already been announced that Jude Law will be playing the loved wizard “Dumbledore,” as a young man in the film. Confusingly, this movie is both a sequel to Fantastic Beasts and a prequel to the Harry Potter series.

J.K. Rowling fueled the rumors regarding Dumbledore’s sexuality, when she was asked about him in 2007. Rowling stated:

I always thought Dumbledore was gay.

It has people wondering will this be the film that actually outs the greatly admired character?

Last year, Rowling created even more speculation about Dumbledore’s role in Fantastic Beasts 2, when she said:

I will say that you will see Dumbledore as a younger man, and quite a troubled man … As far as his sexuality is concerned, watch this space.

Who is Dumbledore’s potential love interest? Well J.K. Rowling has said in the past that he had great love for fellow wizard Gellert Grindelwald, but that it all ends quite tragically. While we all know Dumbledore is essentially good, Grindelwald falls for the black arts, and it seems this may be where there relationship was doomed.

Johnny Depp has also been cast to play Grindelwald, adding more fuel to this fire. Fantasy seems to lend itself to homoeroticism; who can forget Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview With A Vampire?

One of the great things about the Harry Potter series is that it tolerates no bullying for any reason. Voldemort the evil villain is obsessed with being a ‘Pureblood’ – meaning both parents were wizards.

The series also calls wizards born of ‘Muggle’ (human) parents ‘Mudbloods.’ This whole storyline in Harry Potter, appears to symbolize the horrible racism that we have seen in human history and today.

Whatever type of bullying someone suffers, Harry Potter is a great series that defends the underdog and champions kindness, a message the world deeply needs to hear right now.

If Dumbledore is outed in this new upcoming film, it will no doubt be done in a respectful and humanistic way.

Watch the teaser trailer:

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