Merkel’s Husband Wants To Educate Ivanka And Melania On Climate Change (VIDEO)

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If you are concerned about President Donald Trump’s climate policies, you are not alone. The husband of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is too. As a result, he has invited Trump’s wife and First Lady, Melania Trump, and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to visit a German climate change center while in Hamburg for the G20 Summit. While Ivanka was not going to attend, Melania was scheduled to visit the center.

Bloomberg reported the idea for the visit came from the First Man of German, Joachim Sauer, who is a scientist himself. The center he wanted them to see has computerized simulations of the devastating future we face, if we fail to act on climate change. Sadly, the tour was cancelled due to the violent protests in Hamburg. These riots have stopped the spouses being able to leave their hotels.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and this has infuriated scientists around the world. He is either ignorant of the scientific consensus about climate change, or he simply does not care. The move drove Elon Musk to leave his advisory board. Both Merkel and her husband obviously feel the same irritation. Angela Merkel has said in the past:

We want to tackle this existential challenge and we can’t and we won’t wait until the last person on earth is convinced of the scientific basis for climate change.

Everybody else is concerned, everyone except Trump who is opening coal mines and calling dirty fossil fuels ‘beautiful’ and ‘clean.’ It is sad that jobs have been lost, but we also have to face the reality that we cannot keep burning fossil fuels in the face of convincing climate science. Clean energy can provide jobs too.

Money really will not matter when the sea levels rise and we are forced to move entire cities. It is frustrating that the visit did not go ahead. Perhaps Melania or Ivanka would be able to get through to Trump. The USA is currently being run by a ruthless businessman.

Politics involves more than just business, it is about looking after people and the planet. He is not doing that and because of that it will be all of our children who will suffer in the future.


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