Let The Terrior Wars Begin! Misspelled Word Causing Conflict At Indiana War Memorial

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If you were hoping for a gang of luscious little puppies running around in a video to distract you from work, then I hate to break it to you, but I’m about to disappoint. What’s actually happening, however, is people are finally getting a sense of why the concept of “spell check” is so important.

In Columbia City, Indiana, a designer of a special Vietnam War memorial is about to have their license removed for misspelling the word “terrorism.”

Alright, we don’t know if there’s a license to remove… But if there is, it really needs to be taken away.

The bench in question, which is supposed to be seen as a commemorative piece within a grand overall memorial, has been put outside of the Whitley County courthouse with the words “War On Terriorism” instead of “War On Terrorism.”

The memorial’s designer, Ty Murphy, apparently attempted to quickly fix the issue by placing tape over the extra “i”, and then continued to call the misspelling a “pretty small thing to worry about.”

Then, he expressed his shock when he stated his phone wouldn’t stop ringing “off the hook.”

What is even more astounding is the mindset for curating this memorial can be seen when you realize the designer was not the only one to overlook the mistake. Wearly Monuments, the company responsible for the creation of the bench, also overlooked the mistake before setting to work on it.

Here is the issue: the dissolution people are now beginning to develop towards war is becoming astounding. The fact that the designer-in-question had no more respect for the job he was given than what he has already shown not only proves his lack of care for his work, but also the lack of care for the subject at hand.

Those who gave their lives during the Vietnam War, or any war for that matter, deserve better than a designer who believes a typographical error in a monument geared towards them is nothing more than a “small thing to worry about.”

It has now since been confirmed that Wearly Monuments will replace the bench, but there has been no word on whether Ty Murphy’s mental outlook on the situation has changed.


Featured image courtesy of WTHR.com.

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