‘This Beach Is Mine!’: Chris Christie Roasted On A Campfire In Hilarious Memes

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In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back in the news for yet another bone-headed move: Christie shut down beaches and state-run parks because of massive budget cuts, then was found lounging on one of the closed beaches with his family for the Independence Day Weekend.

He was spotted at Island Beach State Park, enjoying the sun and seemingly laughing alongside his family while others in the state were forced to travel to other beaches in order to gather those same rays and throw those same Independence Day Weekend parties.


So, the Internet did what the Internet does so very well: they turned him into a colossal meme.


The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was when the New Jersey Governor openly told the press he “didn’t get any sun.” The photos soon began emerging, telling a very different tale that spiraled into even more memes that called him out on his utter nonsense.

But, there is one simple question that seems to be on everyone’s minds:

Too soon?


Featured image courtesy of YouTube video.

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