‘X-Rated Goldilocks’ Took Breaking And Entering To A New Level (VIDEO)

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In quite a strange case, an Australian man has been caught on security camera breaking into a house in Melbourne, Australia, and then made himself very comfortable. The Goldilocks-style break and enter, happened on Wednesday, June 21, and lasted five hours.

In this time the man decided to bathe, shave, cook, and even… ahem, relieve himself sexually. At a guess, crime appears to be a real turn on for this individual.

What Do They Know About Him?

Well they know which code of football he follows, as he was wearing a Richmond jersey (a local Australian Rules football team). He is said to have played video games while at this family’s home. They also know he is fond of noodles, as he took the time to make and eat some while he was on his ‘Goldilocks‘ style visit.

To top it off, he even brushed his teeth.

It is certainly reminiscent of the famed fairy tale Goldilocks, except instead of eating porridge and sitting in chairs that were ‘just right,’ this guy was a little more X-rated with his antics. He must have felt very comfortable to have used so many of the amenities that the house in question offered.

The man has reportedly since been caught, arrested, and charged. The 28 year old is alleged to have stolen electrical items from the house.

Homeowners often feel violated when they are robbed, but knowing the extent of this man’s activities would be even more harrowing for them.

This is not the first time a burglar has made himself at home in somebody else’s home. Last year in Florida, a man broke into a house, took a shower, and ate a snack before being arrested. This man, Timothy Tomlinson, 36, smashed a kitchen window, showered, then ate pizza, and drank bottled water. He was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.



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