The Internet Is Going Nuts Over What The Mars Rover Might Have Found (VIDEO)

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A picture emerged that sent a Sci-fi loving section of the internet into a frenzy. The picture contains an image of something metallic-looking, and was taken on the planet Mars.

Of course, this has many people claiming and hoping that it is indeed a photo of a UFO. It is round and shiny looking. The photo was taken by the Mars Opportunity rover in March – the explorer that is currently filming the surface of Mars. Unlike many other photos that emerge from out of space, this one is very clear.

While social media users are delighted by the find, there are a few points that need to be made. Not to be a downer, but the size of the ‘space ship’ would mean any aliens flying it would need to be the size of ants – this does not make it impossible, but scale needs to be mentioned.

The other more plausible theories about what this object could in fact be: Some have suggested it is debris from the rover itself, or a heat shield that has fallen off.

It is not the first time our investigations of Mars have dropped litter on the planet, and this is the most common form debunking the idea that this is a UFO. Perhaps the object photographed here is merely our space trash.

The thought of discovering a UFO fills many avid space watchers with great excitement. Hollywood has added to our fascination with the concept of intelligent life forms from far away by presenting it so many time. Films such as ET, Mars Attacks, Cocoon, and the Star Wars and Star Trek universes have firmly placed the image of round, flying saucers into our minds. This fascination with what could be out there continues and is heightened every time our ongoing space investigation discovers new and exciting things, like this picture.

While for some the thought of the existence of UFOs is preposterous, the idea that in a universe as vast as ours, does not have other life, is perhaps also difficult to believe. It is, after all, hard to fathom that we might be the only intelligent creature in the entire universe that are able to reach other planets.

Check out this video and see for yourself the UFO on Mars:

Featured image via YouTube.

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