WATCH: Couple Filmed Joining Mile High Club In Hot Water: They’re Both In Relationships

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Alcohol can drastically lower a person’s inhibitions, causing them to do things they’d normally shy away from. For example, canoodling in a public space while surrounded by other people.

According to this woman’s friends, alcohol is to blame for her getting a little too physical with a fellow airplane passenger as others watched.

Tracy Bolton and Shaun Edmonds recently found themselves on the same flight. Before boarding the Ryanair plane to Ibiza, apparently Bolton treated herself to a few adult beverages in the Manchester airport.

While the two of them were 32,000 feet in the air and surrounded by other passengers, they decided to share a seat.

In a cell phone video that has gone viral, Bolton can be seen with her legs wrapped around Edmonds while they appear to be doing much more than just hugging. At one point, Edmonds even asked the other passengers if anyone had a condom or “a jelly.”

By the way, he’s a sous-chef with a pregnant fiancee who was waiting for him at home. They’ve been together for six years, too.

After it the video footage went viral, both of them claimed it was just a lap dance and that nothing else happened. Boltons’ friends insist it was the alcohol.

Cheating on a partner is hardly anything new, but doing so while others watch on an airplane has us scratching our heads. Smart phones allow us to share anything with the world within seconds. Behave responsibly, people.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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