‘Sesame Street’ Joins The Ranks Of Those Who Support Families Of All Kinds

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Sesame Street has been a beloved and iconic television show for over 40 years. They have always taken a stand that has promoted diversity among its puppets as well as their human counterparts, and they are known for teaching our children basic skills necessary for mastering preschool as well as teaching them lessons on how to view the world through the lens of someone with an open mind.

This tweet, posted by the television show itself, boasts of the fact that Sesame Street supports “families of all shapes, sizes, and colors.” Their rainbow-themed message is not only supportive of the LGBTQ community, but of the rights and privileges the LGBTQ community should have in this country.

And with it being Pride Month, this message could not have come at a better time.

The LGBTQ community and all of its supporters took to Twitter to blast their support not only this message, but for the show in general. Statements ranging from “THIS is why everyone should watch Sesame Street” all the way to tearful outpourings of personal emotions, the Twittersphere erupted in an outpouring of thanks and support.

After Sesame Street made its home on the PBS channel 46 years ago, they have now signed a 5-season deal with HBO. The 47th season premiered in January of this year, and continues their generous outpouring of support, wisdom, and teachings to generations of all ages.

Thank you for the support, Sesame Street, and thank you for using your iconic and widespread platform to take a positive and inclusive stand during such a distraught time in our nation’s history.


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