Wait Until You Hear How Trump Is Changing His Southern Border Wall Plan (VIDEO)

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President Donald Trump has delivered a rant-like speech in front of adoring fans at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In what looked like he was in full campaign mode, at times it seemed as if this speech was a form of therapy for the president.

He bragged about pulling out of the Paris climate deal. He called coal ‘clean’ and ‘beautiful,’ and bragged that he went against the rest of the world, blatantly ignoring the science-based climate change claims. He was proud of this, and the crowd cheered.

Strangely he then brought up the Mexico border wall plan. He proclaimed that he was still going to build the wall and went on and on about how America ‘needs’ a wall to stop the flow of drugs across the border. He then announced he was thinking of making the wall, a ‘solar wall,’ so that Mexico would not have to pay so much for it.

The Iowan crowd were then told they were the first people he had told about this idea.

One of the sad things about Donald Trump, and about so many people in politics today, is that it is all about money, not principles. One minute he called coal ‘beautiful’ and how he was proud of reopening coal mines.

Trump’s entire purpose of using fossil fuels is just for easy money, with total disregard for the environment. Then on the other hand, he is happy to have solar power involved with his border wall plan, if it gives him the money to get his damn wall built. Again, this is only for economic benefit, not because it is good for the environment. On top of his bizarre campaigning, Trump then bragged about signing so many executive orders.

Well I have a message for the president:

Mr Trump,

One day your grandchildren will watch these ranting speeches of yours. They will most likely live in a world that is further devastated by global warming. Scientists have told us what is coming. Sea levels will rise, cities will be under water, and they will see videos of you calling coal ‘beautiful.’

They will come to learn and have to accept that it was their own grandfather’s greed, that contributed to the rapid decline of our environment and money will not matter in the slightest! They will know the warnings were there and that you chose to ignore them.

The damage you cause this earth will be irreversible and when you are gone, you will be remembered for ignoring the warning calls.

Watch his rally in Iowa here:

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