Shock Find In Argentina: Nazi Items Used By Hitler Himself (VIDEO)

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There has been a significant discovery of original Nazi memorabilia in Argentina, shocking the world. The huge collection of Nazi pieces was found in a hidden room behind a bookcase in a house in Buenos Aires. Around 75 genuine articles have been found and the collection has many puzzled by how on earth they got there.

The artifacts in photographs are featured with high ranking Nazi officials. An accompanying photo negative shows that Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler personally used the magnifying glass himself. There is a lucrative international market for genuine Nazi memorabilia, and the photos found along with the collection are used to authenticate items.

The articles found vary. There are mugs, busts and portraits of Hitler, knives, and much more. Many items bear swastikas, the famous symbol used by the fascist Nazi party, that took over Germany in the 1930s. One of the more disgusting items found was a medical tool for measuring the heads of people – this was used as part of their ‘Aryan race’ supremacy ideology.

Argentine Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich called the discoveries:

“A horror show.”

High ranking Nazis Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann were known to flee to Argentina following World War II to escape justice. This recent find has again sparked conspiracy theories that Adolf Hitler faked his own death in Germany, and escaped to Argentina himself.

The atrocities of Nazi Germany can never be forgotten. What took place there is horrific and it is extremely important that we never forget that human beings could do this to other human beings. It is estimated that six million Jews were slaughtered in Europe.

The Nazis, behind Adolf Hitler, used propaganda and terror tactics to blame the Jewish people for Germany’s economic problems at the time. Once in power, Hitler then declared himself dictator, discarded democracy, and then put a terrifying police state into place.

The symbols of Nazism are synonymous with genocide and terror, and the thought of someone holding these found items as treasures is deeply disturbing.

An investigation into the owner of the collection and how he came to own it, is now ongoing.



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