These Coincidences Prove That Sometimes Fate Is Just Too Cruel

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Life is full of funny little coincidences. Sometimes those happenings are wonderful and amazing.

But sometimes they give us the idea that fate has it in for certain people.

Take these bizarre and horrific coincidences, for example.

1. The Hoover Dam

During the construction of the massive dam in the early part of the last century, 112 men were killed in various accidents. The first one died on Dec. 20, 1922. His name was J.G. Tierney. The last died on Dec. 20, 1935. His name was Patrick Tierney. The first man killed on the project was his father.

2. Dangerous Prediction

A well known astronomer in South Africa gave a lecture on the topic of death. He told the crowd to remember that death can strike at any time. As the audience applauded, he sat down and placed a peppermint in his mouth. He choked on the candy, and he died.

3. Yes, Lighting Can Strike Twice. Or More.

A British Army officer named Major Summerford was fighting in WWI in 1918. He was struck by lightning, which left him temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. A few years later, as he was fishing, the tree under which he was sitting was hit by lightning. His right side was paralyzed. He recovered again, but in 1930 while he was out for a walk, he was struck  yet again, and this time the paralysis was permanent. Two years later he died, and was buried in a local cemetery. Believe it or not, that cemetery was later struck by lightning, and the Major’s tombstone was destroyed.

4. Roman Irony

The famous city of Rome was supposedly founded by the twins Romulus and Remus. Rome was named for Romulus. When Rome became an empire, its first Emperor chose the name Augustus.

And the last Roman Emperor, thrown out by invading Germanic tribes? His name was Romulus Augustus.

5.  Vacation Disaster

A man was riding a moped in Bermuda in 1974. A speeding taxi hit him, and the man was killed.

One year later, the man’s brother was riding the very same moped in the same Bermuda town. He was hit by, you guessed it, the very same taxi, driven by the same man. Like his brother, he died in the accident.

6. A Sinking Ship

In 1660, there was a shipwreck in the Dover Straits, in the English Channel. Everyone on board drowned, except for one man, named Hugh Williams.

Another ship sank in the straits in 1767. Again, there was only one survivor, and his name was Hugh Williams.

A ship capsized on the Thames River in 1820, leaving only one survivor. His name was Hugh Williams.

Finally, in 1940, a British ship was destroyed by a German mine. Only two men survived. They were uncle and nephew, and shared the same name. Hugh Williams.

7. The Two Towers

This one gives me the shivers.

In 2000, a video game called “Deus Ex” was released. The artist who created the background imagery of New York City accidentally left out the World Trade Center towers. When the error was noticed, the game creators explained it by saying that the towers had been taken down in a terrorist attack.

Do you have the creeps yet?

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