Thrift Shop Purchase Sheds Light On Mount St. Helens Eruption And Prompts Family Reunion

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Newly discovered images of the deadliest volcano blast in U.S. history has finally surfaced, and you will never guess where they came from.

38-year old Kati Dimoff is a photographer from Portland, Oregon, and she had made a hobby out of purchasing old cameras from thrift shops. Sometimes she enjoys the restoration project, sometimes she enjoys the lost film cartridges that have yet to be developed, and sometimes she simply enjoys the nostalgia.

But a particular find she made in a Goodwill would change the way she viewed this hobby forever.

Image courtesy of Kati Dimoff/Daily Mail.

After purchasing the Argus C2 camera, she uncovered an undeveloped roll of film still inside of the camera. She took it upon herself to go ahead and get it developed, and what surfaced was a series of black-and-white photos depicting many things.

And one of the things depicted was the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Image courtesy of Kati Dimoff/Daily Mail.
Image courtesy of Kati Dimoff/Daily Mail.

This volcanic eruption is the costliest in U.S. history, taking the lives of 57 people, doing more than $1 billion in damages all over southwest Washington, and catapulted its plumes of smoke, ash, and debris more than 1,300 feet into the air off the top of the volcanic mountain.

The eruption then triggered a massive 5-plus magnitude earthquake that rocked the West Coast before causing a debris avalanche that wiped out entire towns.

After posting one of the pictures on her social media accounts, a photo comprised of members of a family, someone came forward to identify the people in the picture, which led to figuring out who the camera originally belonged to. It was found that the camera belonged to Faye Gardner, who passed away in 1981. She is the grandmother pictured above of Mel Purvis.who spotted himself in the photo with his wife and their late son while scrolling through Facebook and said he nearly ‘fell off his chair’.

Image courtesy of Kati Dimoff/Daily Mail.

Mel, by the way, is the one who spotted the photo of him with his wife and their late son while scrolling through Facebook.

Now that Dimoff knows where the camera has come from, she has plans to return it to the family, stating that it is a fitting reunion since┬áPurvis’ mother is now passed.


Featured image courtesy of Kati Dimoff/Daily Mail.

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