The Daily Show Opened It’s Own Trump Twitter Library

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The Daily Show opened a great three-day exhibit in New York City right across the street from Trump Tower. It showcased all of President Donald Trump’s most famous tweets.

When asked if the presidential library should be opened after his term. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said:

“Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately, we do not know when his term will end. It could be next week, it could be never. So we decided to do it now.”

He added:

“He may not be good at president-ing, or leading, or geopolitics, but he is a damn fine Twitterer.”

There was a wall of “survivors” of Trump’s tweets. There was a mock Oval Office where you could sit on a golden toilet and tweet like Donald Trump.

The exhibit was a smash hit for The Daily Show. It really looked like a museum with Trump’s most famous tweets hung on the wall in golden frames.

Here are some pictures of the exhibit:


Featured image via Twitter.

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