Ghost Rider Motor Bike Leaves Everyone Stunned (VIDEO)

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Motorists in Paris got quite a shock when driving along a freeway recently. In amazing footage, a motorbike with no rider was captured riding along the road near Paris, in a straight line. The mystery sparked off quite a lot of awe, with people wondering how on Earth this could happen.

The bike stunned onlookers as it seemingly was being controlled by ‘Ghost rider.’

Imagine how you would feel cruising along a motorway and suddenly seeing a riderless bike cruising along next to you? Freaked out and confused would be a common reaction and the Parisian men who filmed the unusual event were no exception. The Sun reported that they narrated their clip with this line:

On the video, we can clearly see the two-wheeled … without a biker. A ghost.

There are many videos of motorbikes without riders online and while science fiction and a certain Nicholas Cage film spring to mind, there is usually a logical explanation for these.

Could it be a remote control bike? Could it be an invisibility cloak – Harry Potter style?

Mystery Solved?

So was it a ghost joyriding around Paris?

Aaaah no, sorry Hollywood – in this case it is instead reported that the actual rider had just fallen off his bike and it was able to carry on without him, for quite a distance.

The Sun reported that the rider who was in his 20s was:

… Knocked off his bike and injured his arm in the crash with another vehicle. 

The Sun also reports that the driver of the car that clipped the rider, then helped him to a hospital, after being unable to find his bike. Obviously, while the rider was knocked off, the bike remained steady enough to continue on.

Some motorbikes do have cruise control and can carry on for a fair distance after the loss of the rider, leaving it to appear as if the bike is cruising alone.

The videographer was lucky enough to capture the video at that exact time. So unfortunately no ghosts today, but still pretty odd.





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