Video Games Have Emotional Benefits – You Getting Yours?

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We play video games for many reasons. Some play as a social hobby. Some play by themselves. Most play for entertainment. However, can playing video games actually have emotional benefits? Some say yes; some say no.

Playing video games allows you to understand a bit more about what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes.

On the other hand, Austin Walker, editor in chief of Vice’s Waypoint, says:

“I get where that gut feeling comes from, of course, I’m playing the thing, it happened to me too, that means I must have a deeper connection than I would if I just read the story in a book or watched it on a film. But I don’t know that the studies completely reflect that, the ones that I’ve read anyway.”

“I love games; I run a website about games. I think that they are like those other things with some unique twists, but I don’t know that like making me feel a certain way is a unique property of games.”

It’s up to the creator to make the game interactive enough to foster that sense of empathy in the player. Video games can make you feel various emotions while playing them; that is part of the entertainment factor.

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