What One Woman Did With Her Amputated Foot

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Kristi Loyall of Oklahoma lost her foot to cancer, but she didn’t lose her lust for life or her sense of humor. Loyall asked the medical staff if she could keep her amputated appendage, and then paid to have it professionally cleaned, sanitized, and wired together.

Now her skeletal foot and her leg from the knee downwards have their own Instagram account populated by the adventures Loyall has taken them on. At the time of writing, the account “One Foot Wander” has over 17.8 thousand followers.

Writing on her GoFundMe page, Loyall said she first noticed something was wrong when she experienced numbness in her smallest toe in 2011. There followed years of back and forth with her doctors until, finally in 2016 she was diagnosed as having epithelioid sarcoma, a particularly virulent form of cancer.

Luckily despite the length of time it took to diagnose her cancer, it had not spread, but Loyall had to have her foot and the lower part of her leg removed.

Now the world gets to chuckle at her disembodied appendage and its adventures.

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