Your Grandchildren Are Definitely Going To Need These Products

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Now that the President of the United States has decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, it looks like things are really going to be heating up.

In fact, it looks like things may be heating up so much that life as we know will essentially be over. Maybe not for us, but probably for our descendants.

A group called the Nature Conservancy Brazil has decided to use a sense of humor and satire to call attention to the dangers that we all face as the climate changes and both sea levels and temperatures rise.

They are running an ad campaign, which they call “Products of Tomorrow.” It pitches all kind of products that they suggest will be essential to our future.

Some of the items offered include a sunscreen with SPF 350, with a pitch about temperatures rising.

By 2070,

the Earth may increase 4┬║C

on its average temperature.

Spain and Italy will be

as warm as the North of Africa.

The intensity of the UV radiation

will demand extra protection.”

Since it’s going to be pretty much┬áimpossible to grow organic fruits, they offer the “new apple”, which contains “3 percent real fruit.”

It would all be funny, if it wasn’t so scary and so sad.

Maybe we should order some of these for the President and his staff, sort of to make a point.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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