Spanish Men Have Been Asked To Keep Their Knees Together (VIDEO)

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It turns out that a certain uncomfortable problem on public transport is actually a global phenomenon. Signs on public transport in Madrid, Spain have shown that people have had enough – enough of ‘manspreading.’ In case you do not know, ‘manspreading’ is when a man chooses to sit with their legs wide apart in a space with limited room, such as buses, trains, and planes. People in big cities are more than familiar with this problem, Liberal America has reported in the past on ‘manspreading’ being a significant problem in New York city.

A Spanish group called Microrrelatos Feministas have been petitioning for men to close their legs on and they believe that despite signage, it is a problem that is still causing great discomfort. It is frankly unfair to take up so much room on public transport which is already overcrowded and squashed.

One quote on the petition says:

Manspreading is not something that occurs sporadically. If you look, you will realise that it is a very common practice.

‘Manspreading’ is just another problem that public transport in cities like New York, Tokyo, and now Madrid are facing and having to seriously address.

There are plenty of annoying habits that can be annoying on public transport. Talking loudly on their phones, moving around a lot, falling asleep on shoulders, listening to loud music, and eating smelly food can all be irritating to others. Commuting is definitely not always pleasant. Overcrowded cities come with downsides and an uncomfortable, long commute on various forms of public transport is one of them.

It appears these signs that have emerged in Madrid to address the problem are not enough. Perhaps the next step is to speak directly to the men you know and have an honest conversation about ‘manspreading.’ Many men may be doing it totally unconsciously without realizing the effect it has on those around them.

Through education comes progression.


New signs of Madrid public transport




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