Trump Inspiring Kids To Act Like He Does – And It Isn’t Cute And Adorable

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Since the election of President Donald Trump, many racist words and other nasty phrases that he said have become almost normal. Reminder: they are still wrong and nasty!

School children mimic what they see on television and what their leaders do. Naturally, children are using Donald Trump’s words to tease their African American, Muslim, Jewish, and classmates of other minority groups.

Buzzfeed has confirmed over 50 incidents all across the country. A white eighth-grader telling a Filipino classmate that they will be deported. A group of white kids surrounding a black girl and singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” However, they replaced the last line with “the home of the slaves.”

A group of students in a Jacksonville, Florida, yelled “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” at a group of black students on an opposing team.

Amanda Mead, a 10-veteran English teacher in Spokane Valley, Washington, said:

“As the campaign heated up last year, I started to notice a pretty significant change among my kids. They would say things that I have never heard kids in my school district said. Far more vitriolic.”

There are many more incidents that cannot be confirmed because the students don’t want to tattle and be bullied further.

The mother of a teenager from the San Francisco Bay area said:

“She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to make a big deal. I was upset. I wanted to go to the principal, but she didn’t want that.”

Here is a Buzzfeed video of (smarter) kids reacting to Donald Trump:

Featured image via Twitter.

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