Maine Man Amasses Army Of Unique ‘Soldiers’ To Combat City Hall (VIDEO)

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Hell hath no fury like an upset Mainer, apparently.

In Augusta, Maine, a very aggrieved local apartment tenant traveled to city hall in order to complain about a pesky problem that he has apparently had for quite some time.

The unnamed man chastised his municipal government for not responding to his general assistance request in a timely fashion. In Maine, general assistance is granted to families in “emergency” situations such as upcoming homelessness or financial destitution.

In this case, general assistance had been requested in order to deal with a nasty bed bug problem. Specifically, the angry man had requested assistance in finding a new place to live, preferably some place without bed bugs.

Image via: Terminix

When the city of Augusta refused to give the man what he wanted immediately, he proceeded to empty out a cup containing at least one hundred bed bugs. As the creatures crawled across the counter, the man shouted: “They’re your problem now!”

The police were immediately alerted and the entire building was shut down for fumigation.

Although the responding pest control officers could not be reached for a statement, it is likely that this is the strangest case that they have ever dealt with.

Featured image via: KTLA

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