The Mandela Effect May Prove Alternative Realities! (VIDEO)

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A crazy phenomenon has taken over the internet recently called the Mandela Effect. The story goes like this: many non-millennials remember South African president Nelson Mandela dying in prison almost 40 years ago. In reality, he died less than 5 years ago. The memories get so spooky that many people claim they watched his entire televised funeral back in the day.

This is not an isolated incident.

The Mandela Effect refers to when people have a personal memory of something that never happened. I know what you are thinking: this happens all the time, what is the big deal? The big deal is that many, many people have the EXACT same memory, when it never happened entirely.

People have many theories for this.

The first is that parallel universes exist, and our consciousness accidently jumps between them on occasion.

The second is that our reality is simulated like The Matrix, and we experience glitches from time to time.

Sounds… crazy? Outlandish? Impossible? Before you click away, below some real-world examples of this insane-but-spooky theory.

Everyone has a favorite movie quote. The thing is, your favorite movie quote (one that everyone around you can relate to) might not actually be a movie quote at all. For example, Forest Gump’s “Life is like a box of chocolates” is actually “Life was like a box of chocolates.” Weird, right? Further, in no Snow White movie does anyone say “mirror, mirror, on the wall.” The line is actually “Magic mirror on the wall.” Shall I go on? Finally, and I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but at no point in Star Wars does Darth Vader say “Luke, I am your father.” When Luke accuses him of killing his father, he responds “No, I am your father!”

Next is Oscar Meyer wieners. Or shall I say… Oscar Mayer. That’s right. Your beloved childhood hotdogs were never spelled how you remember them. This one is really crazy, because their theme song literally spells out the name of the brand. Wild! Also, there is no show named Sex In The City. I believe what you are so mistakenly referring to is Sex And The City. I rest my case.

Last but not least, every classic-rock lover and little league player will boastingly shout the lyrics to Queen’s “We Are The Champions,” but time and time again they are getting the lyrics wrong. At the end of a triumphant match, you may sing the ending… “We are the champions… of the wooooooooorllllllld.” But you will be disappointed to know that those last three words simply aren’t there. After “we are the champions” and a strum of the guitar, the song ends.

So now you know. An insane coincidence or other-worldly conspiracy? Who knows; the important part is to keep your eyes peeled and stay woke.

Want more examples? Watch below:



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