‘Dynasty’ Reboot To Feature A Raunchy Gay Storyline (VIDEO)

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It has been a long time between drinks for the Carringtons of the hit show Dynasty, and to many people’s delight, the show is back. The reboot of the highly popular show of the 1980’s is about to hit screens, this time with a few differences. The show ran from 1981-89, basically the whole decade and really came to epitomize the era. It was filled with excess wealth, big shoulder pads, and big hair. It was about bitchy one-liners and drinks thrown in faces.

If the trailer of the new series is anything to go by, it is keeping with the characters and theme of greed, but has modernized the setting and storyline. Blake Carrington (played by Grant Show – Jake from Melrose Place) is still the head of the family, as father of Steve and Fallon.

The new series preview shows Steve Carrington getting steamy with Krystle’s (Blake’s new wife) nephew Sam – they hook up before they realize the connection. The trailer shows Krystle about to marry Blake – making Sam and Steve (who have already hooked up) cousin-in-laws.

Confused? Don’t be – Dynasty might have a blended family, but it is no Twin Peaks.

In the original 1980s series, the character of Steve Carrington did indeed have an affair with a man, but he was closeted. This was ground-breaking at the time, but his character still ended up married and ‘straight.’ It seems this new series has come to terms with openly accepting homosexuality and this time Steve is out and gay. The hint in the trailer is that while Sam’s homosexuality is not an issue, his father marrying his love interest’s auntie may well be.

The preview also suggests Fallon is trouble – full of greed and lust, but no sign of Alexis yet. The legendary Joan Collins played Alexis Colby for four seasons of the original Dynasty. She was the absolute queen of mean, much to the entertainment of viewers.

The trailer claims this new series is about how the 1 percent of the 1 percent live. If it is anything like the first series, it will be a peek into the lifestyle of private planes, champagne, fashion, chandeliers, as well as cutting insults and ruthless behavior.

Dynasty is back, and you can watch the trailer here:

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