California Just Passed Single Payer Health Care, And Trump Didn’t Notice (VIDEO)

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Some good news is happening on a local level. The Senate of California has just passed Single Payer Health Care. It now moves to the Assembly and represents a progressive movement gaining powerful momentum. This Bill sends a big message to the Trump administration, while President Donald Trump is attempting to take health cover away from millions of people by repealing Obamacare.

California, like New York, has decided to push for progressive policies on a state level, seeing as the current federal government is seemingly working to only give healthcare to the wealthy. The Bill means hope and evidence that Californians believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, that should be available to all citizens.

Senator Ricardo Lara was proud of the development and said:

“What we did today was really approve the concept of a single-payer system in California.”

The executive director of the Californian Nurses Association and National Nurses United, RoseAnn DeMoro also said:

“California Senators have sent an unmistakable message today to every Californian and people across the nation. We can act to end the nightmare of families who live in fear of getting sick and unable to get the care they need due to the enormous cost. We’ve shown that healthcare is not only a humanitarian imperative for the nation, it is politically feasible, and it is even the fiscally responsible step to take.”

California is the sixth biggest economy in the world and this Bill was largely pushed into action by the National Nurses Union and no doubt partly due to the influence of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I).

His tweet says it all:

Sen. Sanders, the most popular politician in the country at present, has been pushing for a ‘Medicare for all’ system for many years, and is often pointing out that the United States is one of the only first world nations to not ensure basic healthcare for all citizens.

This message is catching on, and with New York and California making these statements loud and clear, the Trump administration is on notice.

While this is something to celebrate, the Bill will still need to overcome various obstructions until it can be a reality. As they say, all great journeys begin with a single step.

Watch the announcement on Single Payer here:

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