A Pair of Vampire Lovers Practice Disturbing Hygiene (VIDEO)

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In folklore and film, vampires are suave, yet malevolent beings who thirst for blood. The more innocent the victim, the better.

Before Bram Stoker made the vampire attractive with his 1897 novel Dracula, vampires belonged primarily to the peasant villages of Central and Eastern Europe.

From Bavaria to Bulgaria, vampires were depicted as the bloated corpses of the recently dead. They did not drink blood so much as cause plagues to strike dead livestock and family members.

Even in 19th century Rhode Island, vampires were linked to tuberculosis, not blood consumption.

Nowadays, thanks to the Gothic romances of Anne Rice and others, many folks want to be vampires. They get their canines sharpened, they wear all black, and they assiduously avoid the sunlight.

Some go even further by crossing the hygienic Rubicon by drinking blood.

Image via: Daily Mirror

A circus performer named Denis Alberto met his girlfriend Illaria on Facebook while looking for an assistant.

The Italian couple, who now reside in Germany, quickly found that they both share a deep interest in vampirism. In order to share this interest (and their love for one another), they started using syringes to drink each other’s blood.

Although the couple claims to be completely safe when they drink each other’s blood, the truth is that guzzling plasma can lead to an iron overdose.

Apparently, Denis is a true romantic. He lets Illaria drink more of his blood because he does not want to scar-up her lovely body.

Featured image via: Daily Mirror 

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