Japanese High School Students Hatch Chicken Without An Egg! (VIDEO)

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Scientists around the world have tackled the concept of hatching a fertilized chicken egg without a shell. The idea is that witnessing the development of a chicken fetus without the shell blocking our view would allow scientists to view the entire process—from the first heart beat to a chirping bird. It would allow them to understand where it happens and what it looks like.

Last year, a group of Japanese biologists successfully did this by cracking a fertilized egg in a plastic cup and stretching regular saran wrap over the top.

And they were in high school.

That’s right. Three biology students in Mr. Tahara’s biology class in Chiba, Japan placed their setup in an incubator. On day three of incubation, they witnessed a heartbeat. On day 5, an entire fetus. After 21 days, the bird was completely hatched without an egg, running around on the tile floor of the high school.

The findings were incredible. It didn’t take long before the story went international and was published in prestigious science journals in multiple countries.

As these three teenage girls found out, I guess the chicken does come first.

Featured image via Pixabay.