Trump Nominee Calls SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy ‘Judicial Prostitute’

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As if this comes as a shocker to anyone, one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees has made the statement that Justice Anthony Kennedy is a “judicial prostitute.”

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Damien Schiff, who has been nominated for an open seat in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, is an active blogger with heavy opinions, and in one of his posts he talked about how the Justice apparently had a very powerful role on the Supreme Court dubbed a “swing vote.”

For those of you who do not know what this is, a “swing vote” is any vote that becomes the one deciding factor between electing one decision over another.

In the June 29, 2007 blog post, Schiff stated that him having this swing vote essentially meant he was attempting to sell off his vote in strategic and savvy manners in order to garner favors that suited and benefitted only himself. He wrote that his sole intent was to curry favor with the other Justices, and then accused the Justice of utilizing that favor to garner power and recognition whenever possible.

Many people feel his statement, as well as other writings on his blog, Omnia Omnibus, should disqualify him from the nomination altogether.

In stereotypical form, neither White House officials nor Schiff have made a direct statement about these writings, and the notable comment Schiff has made towards Justice Kennedy has apparently gone unnoticed.

Or, at the very most, unacknowledged.

However, one group that is heavily involved in the judicial nominations process has publicly argued against Schiff’s nomination:

“There is no circumstance under which a person who displays such obvious contempt and lack of respect for a Supreme Court justice should be given a seat on a federal court. Mr. Schiff clearly lacks the judicial temperament necessary to be a judge, and we have serious concerns that he would use his position to further his dangerous ideology.”

That was Nan Aron, who is the president of the Alliance for Justice, and also happens to be the organization to originally flag Schiff’s writings as dangerous.

I guess there is one good thing that comes from this situation: the Court of Federal Claims does not do lifetime appointments.


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