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You’ll Be Grateful This Really Disgusting Scene Was Cut From Beauty And The Beast (VIDEO)

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Beauty and the Beast starring Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson has had a lot of attention. One reason is because it was the first Disney film to feature a gay character. An Alabama cinema even banned it from being screened for this reason.

Another element that is grabbing attention is what did NOT appear in the film. As most people know, Belle lives in a castle where many people have been cursed into being other ‘things.’ There is a clock, a candle, a teapot, a beast, and many more.

The new Beauty and the Beast was to have a ‘Monsieur Toilette’ a man who was cursed to be a toilet. The scenes were shot and he was played by Stephen Merchant – who was also Ricky Gervais’ writing partner from the very funny TV series’: Extras and The Office.

A disappointed Merchant was dropped from the final cut of what he calls the ‘most successful’ film of 2017. He said:

So I went down to Pinewood Studios in England and they dressed me up. And I’ve not seen Beauty and the Beast. Either version. Or read the script. I’m a maverick. Apparently, lots of characters get turned into objects and they get turned back into people again at the end … and they wanted somebody to cameo to be the guy who turns back from a toilet. And that was me. “So they doused me in sort of fake urine and they filmed me and I just sort of looked shocked and just said, “The horror!” And then they cut it out.

The horror indeed. It appears the ‘ick’ factor was a tad too high for children and adults alike, to have to watch a man, who has had to swallow years of excrement and urine, transform back into a human. Not what you would expect to see in a Disney film.


Watch the deleted scenes from Beauty and the Beast here:

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