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Why Ben & Jerry’s Won’t Serve Two Scoops Of The Same Flavor In Australia (VIDEO)

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream company has decided to make a symbolic political statement in Australia. They have refused to serve two scoops of the same flavoured ice-cream until Australia brings in marriage equality laws. In a country where the majority of the population are actually for same-sex marriage, it is strange that it has not happened yet. Ben & Jerry have decided to take this action to try and speed it up.

The current conservative government in Australia had promised they would hold a popular vote on the matter, but this was opposed by other parties and LGBTQ groups, who claimed that campaigns against same sex marriage could harm LGBTQ community members. These people are already vulnerable. It could well have turned into a hurtful campaign and was stopped for the protection of this community, but this has put a spanner in the works. Rather than just passing the equality laws like Obama was able to in the States, the issue has now hit a kind of stalemate, frustrating many people.

So until Australia brings in progressive equality laws allowing same sex couples to marry, Ben & Jerry’s customers will have to forego double chocolate sundaes. Perhaps it will change some minds, surely everyone loves a double scoop?

Who Are Ben & Jerry?

Ben and Jerry are childhood friends, who built up a world famous ice-cream brand from nothing. They studied ice-cream making and came up with amazingly delicious flavours and cute packaging, to take the world by storm. They have been involved in politics before supporting a campaign to fight for the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef, BLM, and now same sex marriage in Australia. They were both arrested in 2016 in Washington at the Democracy Awakening. They are obviously no strangers to being political activists.

Watch these reactions to the new policy that has been introduced in Australia:


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