Texas Police Chief Investigated After Allegedly Calling Beauty Queen ‘Black Bitch’

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You know how driving students are taught to stay away from erratic drivers on the road? According to a recent incident in Texas, doing so will land you in jail.

That is if you’re Black.

Erratic Driver

Carmen Ponder is Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador 2016. She’s also interning with the District Attorney’s Office in Hunt County, Texas. While driving to Wal*Mart last week, she found herself in a tense situation. The car ahead of her was repeatedly hitting the brakes and even  failed to stay in their own lane on several occasions.

As any normal, concerned person would do, Carmen used her turn signal and passed the erratic driver.

The same car she passed then followed her into the parking lot. After she parked her car, a man got out of the other one and proceeded to scream at her. He demanded to know why she had passed them on the road. Carmen ignored him and went into the store.

Before she made it inside, he yelled:

“Whatever you Black bitch!”

That man was Police Chief Kerry Crews, who’d been teaching his 14-year-old daughter how to drive. The harassment wasn’t over for Carmen, though.

Bruised Ego

On her way out of Wal*Mart, another officer not in uniform was waiting for her outside. That’s when he proceeded to scream at her about what had happened. Apparently the chief’s ego had been bruised.

After flashing his badge, the other officer yelled:

“That is my chief and you’d better go apologize to him!”

Naturally Carmen refused to apologize for passing an erratic driver. That’s when the officer who was defending his chief grabbed her arm, even though she had done nothing wrong. Carmen then dialed 911 on her cell phone.

Dispatch sent another officer, to whom Carmen gave a statement. That officer then placed her in handcuffs and she spent the night in jail. Her crime: ‘evading arrest.’

The assault left her bruised and Chief Crews is currently on administrative leave.

Yet another reminder that white supremacy is alive and well in our country. Isn’t it time we bury racism?

Watch this video to learn more about this incident.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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