Review Of The F*ck Trump Lipstick

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Back in March, we wrote about the “F*ck Trump” lipstick from Well, I bought it, and it is amazing.

It is a beautiful pink, matte shade.

Image by Natalie Dailey

It goes on smooth and dries quickly. It is long lasting as well. It is totally worth the buy just to have makeup that says “F*ck Trump” on it.

From Lipslut’s website:

“With every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to submit a vote for your favorite women’s charity. Of course, write-ins are welcomed, too. At the end of our campaign, we’ll tally the results, and a winner will be announced by popular vote. We’ll send out a check thereafter. Please understand that your choice may not be selected and that all votes are treated equally.”

Lipslut’s vision is:

“… We want Lipslut to a movement that you are genuinely proud to stand behind. With your help, we believe Lipslut will become a household name for progressives and conservatives alike, albeit for different reasons. From there we’ll use our platform to shake things up for the better.”

“We plan to work with you through social media to offer a broad range of quality cosmetics, and to continue our philanthropy to help the causes you care about. Consider yourself a part of the team.”

If you want to say “F*ck Trump” and give to charity, buy this awesome lipstick today.

Featured image via Lipslut.

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