BuzzFeed Writers Tried $256 Korean Beef – Here’s What They Thought (VIDEO)

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One of BuzzFeed’s many hit series is Worth It, a show that features two guys who try expensive food. We’re not talking about parmesan cheese off the block instead of that cheap little container. Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj have tried everything from $95 eggs to a $2,500 Secret Menu.

Their most recent delicacy was trying $256 Korean beef called Galbee, which means rib. The guys went to three different restaurants to sample different variations of this dish, which is also referred to as Korean barbecue.

The founder of Momofuku, Chef David Chang, joined them for the first two places.

Source: BuzzFeed

The first stop, Gangnam Galmegi, featured $13 galbee. Chang pointed out the interesting way the staff cut the meat:

“I love the fact that Koreans just use scissors as the ‘fuck it’ tool for everything in cuisine.”

This restaurant is known for their short rib ringers. Instead of holding the ribs up to your mouth on the bone, you’re served the meat off of the bone in the shape of fingers.

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In between eating all of the food, they discussed Korean culture and the importance of being rude in restaurants. Chang said that if you want to get a waiter’s attention, you have to yell ‘Hey!’ 

Being polite just doesn’t work.

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Next up was So Deul Nyuk, which translates to Cow Field in English. Their beef marinates for a whopping 82 hours. As Steven pointed out:

“So it takes more than three days to prepare the galbee for us?”

The galbee was served with plenty of little side dishes, including fried noodles and raw crab. Chang couldn’t handle how incredible the crab was.

Source: BuzzFeed
Source: BuzzFeed

All three of them couldn’t believe how good the $28 beef was. Chang even called it the “filet mignon of the short rib,” and pointed out how obvious it was that the owners actually cared about the food.

About the amazing galbee, Andrew said:

“I find myself taking every bite a little more carefully.”

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Even though Steven was filling up quickly, they ventured onto the final destination. Walkerhill Myongwolgwan is a hotel in South Korea that serves $256 galbee. Naturally everyone wanted to know what makes this galbee stand out from the rest.

It’s made from hanwoo, which is a type of cattle that’s native to Korea. This cattle isn’t raised on regular pastures, though. It receives top of the line food and its caretakers pay special attention to their living conditions. The sous chef pointed out that it’s all about the marbling.

“We trim all the fat and use only the best part of the meat.”

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He assured Andrew and Steven that it’s a completely different taste than other beef. So the two guys sat down and enjoyed ridiculously expensive meat. It didn’t take long for Steven to freak out.

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They described it as melting in your mouth rather than being chewy, and pointed to the visible veins of fat.

Steven also said:

“Every bite I take, more juices just explode in my mouth.”

Despite the most expensive galbee receiving over the top recognition, Steven and Andrew didn’t think it was the best out of the three. For the price, they agreed that Cow Field was the way to go.

Source: BuzzFeed

A reminder that expensive doesn’t always mean better. Have you tried galbee or another insanely expensive food? Tell us in the comments!

Watch the guys try the three different kinds of beef.

Feature Image Source: Buzzfeed.

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