Best Twitter Rants And Reactions About Trump To Date

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In a political climate that has not simply become eye-bulging, but volatile, there is absolutely no shortage of people expressing their love, and hatred, for the current United States President. Beginning with the first official announcement that President Donald Trump would be seeking election all the way to this beautiful Memorial Day holiday, people from all walks of life have had something to say about this unorthodox and corrupt man that sought the nation’s most powerful seat.

When Trump announced his intent to run for office, the nation laughed in his face. When he stepped onto the stage and began railroading the rest of the nominees, the nation rolled its eyes and got ready for him to be voted off-stage like a traditional reality television show. When he was standing as the Republican nomination, the nation wrung their hands and continued to tell themselves that everything would be alright.

That our election system would prevail in the end.

That our faith in humanity and their common sense decisions would pull us through.

That we did not live in the hate-and-racism-filled climate Trump was spouting from his podium.

And the nation stood shocked when a celebrity businessman who harbored absolutely no credentials was elected to the highest seat of authority in the United States.

The 2016 general election will be one of the most infamous elections to ever live inside the walls of our history books.

But, that does not mean we cannot memorialize his entire journey on social media.

Below are the best rants and reactions to the entire journey of President Donald Trump thus far.

May it help with the bile currently rising in your throat.


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