A Woman Marries A Building, Claims To Have Romantic Connection (VIDEO)

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Forty-five-year-old Carol Santa Fe, a native of San Diego, California, is a happily married woman.

She has had the same lover for a whopping thirty-six years. According to Carol, the love of her life is the Santa Fe train station.

Ever since she was nine-years-old, Carol has been in love with the old building. The volunteer support worker spent decades taking a forty-five minute bus ride to the train station in order to cement her love.

In 2015, Carol unofficially married the Santa Fe train station. Last Christmas, she celebrated her one-year anniversary.

Carol calls herself an objectum sexual–someone who loves and has sex with buildings. In Carol’s words, she and “Daidra” (Carol’s name for the train station) have sex “mentally.”

On most occasions, Carol and her wife meet and exchange intimate caresses.

“There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her, which I do by leaning against her with my clothes on.”

Carol further added that she avoids more salacious contact out of respect to the general public.

The Santa Fe train station, or Daidra, could not be reached for further comment. We cannot verify that this marriage is consensual.

Featured image via: The Express Tribune

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