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Welcome To The Future: Dubai Is Building An Army Of Real-Life Robocops (VIDEO)

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In scenes that look straight out of futuristic films, Dubai has developed a real life Robocop.

In a crazy leap into the future, Dubai are looking to robots to fill a quarter of their police force  by the year 2030. Currently the robot is being used as security in a mall. The exciting technology is able to scan a person’s face from 100 feet, as well provide a touchscreen for people to report a crime or pay traffic fines. It has been programmed to help the lost and to speak and when it does it can even flatter you with compliments. These new smart robo-cops are impressive.

As with most things, the new cops have pros and cons. Of course on the good side, the danger to human police is nil, they have super power strength, and can most likely work a double shift with no problem (except maybe battery power).

As for the negative side, well we can see many things that could be problematic. Robots do not have human judgement and might kill somebody by mistake (although robots would not be the only police to do that.)  There is also the problem of job stealing – how are the unions going to feel about these robot cops taking real human jobs and working for nothing? The ethical dilemmas are real ones. Also, not to pour water on this idea, but are they waterproof? We all know if we spill a drop of coffee on our laptops, it can mean farewell computer.

What would happen if a ‘criminal’ just dumped a bucket of water over one of these things?

Sure technology is our friend and we all want less casualties and safer streets, Dubai seems to believe this is the future of law enforcement. Robocop the film was not the only one to imagine a future of robots and many scenarios have played out in Hollywood blockbusters where the robots via Artificial Intelligence take us over.

It is heartening to know that in the film world, even robot terminators can have good ‘hearts’ too. Who didn’t cry when Arnold Schwarzenegger lowers himself into the lava in Terminator 2? Only a robot with a heart of steel could watch that without crying – joke!


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