Man Tries To Help ‘Removes Transgender Woman’s Testicles’ At Her Apartment — Hint: Don’t Do This At Home

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A man from Denver, Colorado is currently being accused of removing a transgender woman’s testicles with a basic Army surgical kit in the confines of her own home. James Pennington, the type of person you would think to promote this exact type of action, is now facing felony assault charges after he admitted to the 90-minute procedure that ended with the “victim” being rushed to the Medical Center of Aurora.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail/Denver Police.

Apparently, the “victim’s” wife was present, and when blood started gushing out of the wound like the Nile River on steroids, the wife finally found some sense and called 911.

This Army kit was filled with lidocaine, a surgical scalpel, medical dressings, and other portable medical equipment necessary for the procedure.

You know, besides a sterilized operating room.

According to the document, Pennington wrote that he utilized the scalpel to “surgically disconnect” and remove the victim’s testicles from her body before suturing the wound back up.

Newsflash: if you are not in a designated OR, you are not performing anything “surgically.”

When the testicle-less individual was rushed to the hospital, doctors could not reattach the testicles because of the amount of time between removal and arrival to the hospital.

So, in a way, they got what they wanted.

The kicker? Pennington is not a licensed medical professional in the state of Colorado. He is a licensed pilot.

It is official: people highly overestimate a pilot’s capabilities.


Featured image courtesy of Youtube video.

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