Holy Batman! Another Joker Arrested – What Is Going On? (VIDEO)

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Lawrence Patrick Sullivan has appeared in front of court arrested for pointing guns at passing cars. He was captured in Miami, Florida and is distinct in that he has green dyed hair and tattoos on his face inspired by the Batman villain The Joker. The tattoos include the word “Joker” “F%$k” and then a picture of Batman, as well as the signature extended Joker tattooed mouth – that actually looks like barbed wire. He has dark circles around his eyes with a cross under one, and a tear under the other. Sullivan also claims he is a tattoo model.

According to his moment in court, he refused legal services, explaining to the judge that he didn’t not feel like filling out paper work.

When he was arrested on Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017, he told officers that he had a gun, but that he didn’t have a permit because it was “too expensive.

Strangely this is not the first Joker that has been arrested – just a couple of months ago in March another Joker was arrested. In that case, it was Virginia. He was similar in appearance – however he wore makeup rather than tattoos. The other strange similarity is that he too was walking about the streets with a weapon – in this case a sword. Weirdly not even that case is the first. It certainly appears many people enjoy dressing up as the famous villain and have broken various laws to wind up in jail. In all reports, it is the police that have foiled the many Joker’s plots – with many reports using the line “No Batman required.” Why break with tradition?

There have been legendary film portrayals of the iconic comic character the Joker, most notably from Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Jared Leto. It seems there are those who take fandom a little too far.



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