Ever Wonder Why Japanese Women Are So Skinny? Check These Portions Out (VIDEO)

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A Japanese chef has developed a new style of cooking over the past two years. Since discovering a miniature cooking set, Yukiko Hasada has become an online sensation by turning regular sized ingredients into teeny-tiny food creations in fascinating videos online. It is incredible to see these tiny food replicas come to life – from savoury dishes to petite desserts, the aesthetics of the miniatures are more than impressive.

Hasada claims she uses her regular sized food she cooks for her family as inspiration for the tiny ones. Showing off her dexterity by creating minute delicacies like croissants, she has fetched over 1.5 millions viewers online. It is easy to see why.

We already know that the Japanese like small things – think Bonsai trees and miniature Zen gardens, but Hasada has really turned miniature food creation into an art. On Barcroft TV she said:

I like to come up with the dishes that complement the cuteness of mini utensils.

While her videos are instructional, no doubt her viewers mainly watch for entertainment – as cute is an understatement when describing the finished products.

Hasada also says cooking on this scale presents challenges, she says:

 The most difficult part is definitely how to control the fire power since I can only use blocks of solid fuel in my mini stove.

Japan And The Kawaii

Japanese culture does appear to admire the cute. Japan Talk  published an article on the Japanese love of the kawaii other wise known as cute things which suggests the obsession with small things, may be partly related to the minimalism connected with Buddhism. The same article also suggests it may also be a matter of practicality in that Japan is a small island, limited in space and as a result small things work better than large. Japanese desserts are indeed tiny and this is sure to contribute to (generalizing) here the slender frames you see on people in Japan.






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